Jackie Rutherford

Hi, I’m Jackie. I write stories that contain humour and unexpected twists.

I used to be a high school biology teacher, which probably explains why science seems to sneak its way into so many of my stories.

I live in New Zealand with my husband, three children and a wide assortment of animals including cats, guinea pigs, quail, budgies and fish.

By Jackie Rutherford

When the Cat’s Away

Just how much trouble can three teenagers get into when Mom and Dad are away on holiday?

A light-hearted, funny story about the dangers of impromptu parties, changing sibling relationships and how sometimes people can surprise you…


By Jackie Rutherford

The Future Whisperer

What happens if you have the power to change the future?

After my grandmother dies, I’m sent to live with my father, a man I’ve never met. When I arrive in the small town of Danica Falls, I have one simple mission – to survive the next two years until I can escape to college.

I have no idea what awaits me.

I’m not prepared to discover that my family, the enigmatic Littlefield’s, control the entire town.

But most of all, I’m not prepared to start getting signs that enable me to predict the future.

Because I’m about to learn that being able to predict the future is both a powerful and terrifying thing…

By Jackie Rutherford

Tears of Gold

Micah attends the prestigious Phoenix Institute, a school for gifted students.

When she starts a new genetics project with her friends Theo and Dominic, she has no idea what she’s unleashing.

Their project takes a sinister turn when they discover that they, and all of our classmates, were conceived at the same IVF clinic. Is there something about the procedure that produced super-smart kids? Are they the products of a genius-producing experiment? 

Or are there darker secrets hidden in their DNA?

What she doesn’t know is that when they find out the truth, it will shatter everything.

By Jackie Rutherford


By Jackie Rutherford


I’ve always been the typical good girl. My life is safe and predictable, with a happy family, good grades, a future that shines brightly.

Then the new girl Katalina arrives.

She’s stunningly beautiful, intelligent and charming. I’m surprised, honored even, that she wants to be my friend. But as I get to know her, more and more questions start to arise. 

But why did Katalina come to town? What secrets is she concealing under her perfect facade?

As Katalina’s carefully constructed lies start to crumble, can I escape unscathed?