What I’m reading…

I read a lot. And I’m borderline obsessive when I’m engrossed in a good book.

Once my husband came home to find our two year old upending a bottle of milk all over the couch next to me while I sat reading, completely oblivious.

I don’t have time to review every book I read but below is a selection of books that I love and totally recommend reading if you get a chance.

Book cover

Code Name Verity

This incredible book set in WW2 has so much that I love in a story – strong female characters, a delicious unreliable narrator and a unpredictable, gut-wrenching ending.
Red, White and Royal Blue cover

Red, White & Royal Blue

This laugh-out-loud book is one of those books that you finish and immediately want to reread because it’s just so good. The premise is fantastic – what would happen if the First Son of the President of the United States fell in love with the Prince of England?

Lock and West cover

Lock and West

The characters in this book will steal your heart. Lock is glorious is his awkwardness while West will make you laugh and cry. There are a lot of dark issues addressed in this tale of first love, but the light still manages to shine through. 

We Are All Made of Molecules

We Are All Made of Molecules

I absolutely adore this warm-hearted novel. Told from alternating points of view of the lovable Stewart and the not-so-lovable Ashley, it has two very distinct but real teenage voices, lots of laugh-out-loud moments while still touching on important themes.

I'll Give You the Sun

Jandy Nelson is a stunning writer and this is a beautiful book with compelling characters that will twist a knife in your heart. Featuring family drama and first loves, it is an extraordinary book.

How to be popular

Sometimes you just feel like a bit of fun and you can’t go past Meg Cabot for a light-hearted, funny read with a bit of romance thrown in.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone

A beautifully written story with a plot that keeps you hooked until the very end. I’m not a major ‘pure’ fantasty fan but this is a story that will stay with you for a long time.
19 Love Songs Cover

19 Love Songs

This collection of 19 Valentine’s day stories David Levithan has written for his friends over the years is full of the wonderful writing you’d expect from this author.  

They call me Alexandra Gastone cover image

They call me Alexandra Gastone

A spy book with an intriguing concept and packed full of moral dilemmas that you can’t help but contemplate what you would do if placed in the same situation.

Wolf by Wolf

An alternative history imagining the world if Hitler had won the war. Tick. Herione with a tragic past that has left her with supernatural powers. Tick. Fast paced plot involving a motorcycle race across continents surrounded by enemies. Tick. Actually, what’s not to love about this wonderful story? Oh, and I forgot to mention the heroines compelling and unique internal conflict and struggle for identity.

Jasper Jones cover

Jasper Jones

With stunning writing that will leave you shivering with delight, Craig Silvey manages to perfectly capture the slightly sinister vibe of a small Australian town bristling under the surface with intolerance. A powerful book in every respect.

Feeling sorry for Celia

A story told entirely through letters, this is a funny and delightful read. It perfectly details the friendship, relationship and family dramas often encountered in the teenage years.


Evie is a Shield, bound by DNA to protect her best friend from a mysterious assassin. The cool concept, fast paced plot and swoon-worthy hero make Spark a must read. The twist at the end is just the icing on the cake.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

One of my favorite books of all time. The whole novel hangs on Mark Haddon’s masterful crafting of Christopher’s unique voice. I’m almost envious of you if you haven’t read it, because you still have that wonderful experience in your future.

One of Us is Lying

One of Us is Lying

This book is a bestseller for a reason. A cool concept relentlessly executed with one of the best twists that is difficult to predict even when you are looking for it.

Red Queen

The world is divided between the Silver elite, who have supernatural powers, and the common Reds who have none. Enter Mare, a Red who defies the natural order. This book features fantastic world building, complicated characters and incredible plot twists and turns that will leave you breathless.
Boy Shattered cover

Boy Shattered

Part an in-depth look at the aftermath of a school shooting on the survivors, part a moving love story, Boy Shattered is a powerful story on all levels.

The Sea-Wrecked Stranger

The Sea-Wreck Stranger

A beautifully crafted dystopian world with a strong female lead character and a compelling plot. It’s the first in a trilogy and the whole trilogy is definitely worth a read.
And I Darken cover image

And I Darken

This is a story about longing, power and betrayal with one of the most interesting heroines I’ve ever encountered. The exploration of the different kinds of power and strength is an added bonus.
The Song of Achilles cover

The Song of Achilles

I ugly cried so hard at the end of this beautiful book. The story of Achilles told from the point of view of his companion Patroclus is simply stunning and a masterclass on how to retell a classic story in a unique and compelling way.

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda cover

Simon vs the Homo Sapien Agenda

If I could choose one book to crawl inside and live forever in, this would be it! I love Simon’s family and friends and the romance is off the charts cute.

The Sun is Also a Star

Set in a single day, it is the story of Daniel and Natasha who come from very different backgrounds and view the world completely differently yet by the end of the book mange to find common ground. I will say that stories of insta-love normally annoy me, but Nicola Yoon manages to craft the connection between the characters so well I was able to suspend my disbelief.
Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders

A realistic account of the world of teenage boys that explores some good themes about what is important in life and facing up to the truth.

The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones

Such a cool concept and executed so so well. Bluebell Jones has an older version of herself to guide her through one memorable summer. What has stuck with me since reading it is the idea of what your life could be like if you simply let go of fear.