Types of Triangles

Leo has been best friends with Toby and Ava forever. But at the start of their junior year, he becomes concerned that Ava is interested in Toby romantically, and their friendship is going to change.  Scared of being left out, he decides the only way to stop Ava from getting together with Toby is to make her fall in love with him instead.

But making someone you’ve been friends with forever see you in a different light is easier said than done, and Leo hates the fact he finds himself in competition with Toby.

As things progress with Ava and his friendship with Toby starts to fracture and fall apart, Leo realizes he needs to work out which of his best friends he’s actually in love with.

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Second place – YA category

Pages from the Heart Contest 2019

Finalist – YA/NA category

Maggie Award 2019

Finalist – YA/NA category

The Stiletto Contest 2019

Finalist – YA category

Golden Rose Contest 2019

Finalist – YA category

Great Expectations Contest 2019

Finalist – YA/NA Category

Cleveland Rocks Contest 2019

The Stolen Life

The Stolen Life

A knock at the door can change everything.

Seventeen-year-old Lissy Hatfield is happy with her life. She has a great family and friends, although she’s always felt a little bit like an underachiever in her family, who are all math and science nerds.

She’s not prepared for the knock at the door, or the girl on the doorstep who identifies herself as Delaney, and reveals she was born on the same day in the same hospital as Lissy and believes that they were switched at birth.

 What do you do when everything you thought you knew is completely upended? Turning to her brother’s best friend and next door neighbor Carter for help, Lissy decides to embark on a journey to discover who she really is. But seeking answers throws up a whole lot of new questions about life, love and what home really means.


Finalist – Contemporary 

YARWA 2020 Rosemary Award

Second place – Young Adult Category

Great Expectations Contest 2020

Finalist – Young Adult/New Adult

The Stiletto Contest 2020

The Ex Factor

The Ex-Factor

Seventeen-year-old Dylan is finally in a position where he likes his life. After the break-up of his parents and moving town, he’s settled into his new school, has a great part-time job at the library and an awesome boyfriend Sam. All he wants is for things to stay the same. But when he discovers Sam’s ex is moving back, he’s worried his happiness is about to end.

Liam’s back in town still reeling from the destruction of his family. The only thing keeping him sane is the thought of reconnecting with Sam, his old best friend and boyfriend. He knows Sam’s moved on, but surely the weight of their history will prove to be more important than some new relationship?

Two boys both in love with the same guy. It’s never going to end well.

But neither Dylan or Liam could have predicted the sparks of attraction that occur when they meet…


Winner – YA category

The Emily Contest 2020

Winner – Editor’s Choice

Great Beginnings 2019-2020

Finalist – Young Adult/New Adult

The Stiletto Contest 2020