When the Cat’s Away

Just how much trouble can three teens get into when Mom and Dad are away on holiday?

Okay, so the parents think Aunty Jean is looking after them and Aunty Jean thinks the neighbour is… but in truth, 18-year-old Jodi, 15-year-old Nathan and 14-year-old Bianca are on their own.

And when a party gets out of control and the house is trashed, suddenly they’re in big trouble – the ‘grounded for life’ kind.

Can they pull together and earn enough money to fix things before their parents get home?


“Laugh out moments and refreshing to read something fun and light for older readers.” Adele Broadbent, www.whatbooknext.com

“Great to read such a positive story. Teenagers have got to let off steam but when the chips are down they can show great resilience. 

“A good first novel, narrated in the first person by Bianca, a good teenage voice. Dialogue is particularly good.”  Bob Docherty, Bobs Books Blog